Starbucks Review: Double Chocolate-y Chip Frappe

Hi there! It’s Anastasia! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Double Chocolate-y Chip Frappe from Starbucks!

I first tried this drink last week during happy hour. In case you didn’t know, happy hour is when Starbucks makes all their frappes half price. Unfortunately, happy hour was gone as fast as it came and the frappes are full price once again.

Now on to the review…

Price – 5/10 – The full price of this frappe is nothing short of unreasonable. I paid for the discounted price for the small and still felt I was over-paying. The outrageous price of this drink will repel any buyer looking for an appropriately priced quality drink. typical Starbucks

Taste – 9/10 – What Starbucks lacks in price it certainly makes up for in taste. The texture was silky and delightful while the taste can be described as chocolate heaven. My only comment is to hold the ice a bit.

Presentation – 10/10- This frappe looks even better than it tastes! The clear cup provides a delicious view of chocolate chips, whipped cream, and as a matter of fact, more chocolate. The view literally emanates relaxation and refreshment.

Over-All – 8/10 – This treat is worth the extra pennies…